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As an expectant mother, you deserve a divine delivery experience and all the beauty that comes with it. On my blog, I share practical tips and powerful stories to comfort you as your journey to delivery draws near. Learn about hiring a doula, my personal experiences as a birthing doula and mom of three, dōTERRA serenity oils, various healing energy tools, and more!

I’ve always loved babies and the journey mommas go through to welcome their beautiful little ones into the world. As a Christian doula, former surgical technologist, energy healer, essential oil specialist, and mom to three girls, my knowledge in  supportive, successful delivery experiences abounds. If you’re an expectant mother looking to learn more about my doula services, visit my services page or book a coffee chat. I can’t wait to connect with you and support you through a sacred and special delivery experience!   

Hi, I'm Jackie and I'm so glad you're here!