Postpartum Depression Self Care Tips

Depression is not the topic most moms want to talk about right after having a sweet baby. I know I didn’t.  Did you know that one in eight women will experience postpartum depression within twelve months of delivery?  I hate that this is so common, but the more we know as a collective, the better we can do as mothers and women.

After having my first baby, I struggled to feel connected to her.  Feeding her was painful, and the lack of sleep was taking a toll on my body.  After a few months, I decided Zoloft would be my best option to start managing this depression.  Zoloft worked well in the beginning, but as time went on and I increased my dose, it was not as effective. More concerning: I felt numb to every emotion. I didn’t want that numb, empty feeling long-term.  Thirteen years and two babies later, I have learned a thing or two about hormones and how they affect your mood.

7 Postpartum Depression Self Care Tips  

  1. Talk to someone about how you feel. Tell your Midwife/ Doctor, partner, best friend… 
  2. Consult an Energy Healer and/or a Naturopathic doctor/ Nutritionist to clean up any negative energies from past trauma and to get on the most beneficial supplements for you.  Most Naturopaths will recommend food, herbs, supplements, essential oils, and diet changes to help with chemical imbalances.  Some energy healers will do the same. 
  3. Let’s talk diet.  When you’re feeling depressed, cooking and eating are the last things on your mind.  I recommend outsourcing this responsibility to anyone who will help. Keep this simple by thinking of protein, veggies, and warmth.  Even if it’s summer, you will want to support Yin energy right after baby is born by nourishing the body with warm soups, food, and fluids. My favorite book for this is “The First Forty Days” by Heng Ou
  4. Consider good quality supplements.  My favorite trio is Life Long Vitality sold through DoTERRA.  I have been taking a ½ dose on and off for ten-plus years, and I feel great! A good Omega 3 is critical for brain health for you and your baby.  Moms will deplete this from their own bodies to make sure babies’ brains are developing properly. Another supplement to consider is Adaptiv- it helps you to be less reactive and more adaptive to your changing sleep, feeding, and wake cycle, which can also cause low energy and depression. Ashwagandha is another helpful herb.  ALWAYS consult a midwife or Naturopath when adding or changing supplements.
  5. Essential oils have been very helpful to me while combating depression.  Copaiba, Serenity, and Balance are my tried and true, most used, and most recommended oils for any mom.  They are safe for the baby and mom.  If you have these, use them!! Tried to be as consistent as possible by using them at least two times a day.  To apply, I would do 1-2 drops of Copaiba under the tongue, Serenity on the upper chest and wrist, and Balance on the bottoms of the feet. Adaptiv essential oil applied to the wrist or belly is helpful too. 
  6. Water intake! You must drink water, but not plain water, all day, every day.  Add a pinch of salt and a squeeze of lemon to make it more interesting.  Follow your intuition here.  You must drink water to make milk – and water moves energy too.
  7. Movement and Sunshine! Every practitioner is going to recommend getting outside. Sunshine on your face and taking a walk is the very least you should be doing to keep the blues at bay.  Now, I know as well as anyone, that when you are feeling down and depressed, that is the last thing you want to do.  But I challenge you to get yourself and your baby out in the sunshine for 15-30 minutes a day!
  8. Last thing, take time for yourself.  Shower or enjoy a bath.  Get yourself out of the house and around other people. Get a massage. Take a moment for yourself to meditate or nap.

I hope these postpartum depression self care tips will give you something to do while you are in the thick of motherhood and possibly the thick of depression.  You can, and you will get through this season. 

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