Which Essential Oils for Birth are Most Helpful?

Congratulations on your impending birth! Soon you’ll have a newborn baby in your arms! Hooray!!  What essential oils will make this transition from womb to birth easiest?

I carry way more essential oils than I probably need, but I like to have options. 

Here’s what I think is the most helpful during birth and beyond.

  1. The Serenity blend is my favorite and most used oil while in the labor and delivery room.  This oil helps calm nervous energy in an entire room.  This oil is a blend of lavender and roman chamomile with a few other ingredients.  I absolutely love this oil and have used it for years to help with overwhelm and anxious feelings. Have your doula or husband give you a nice back or foot rub with a little carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil.
  2. Clary Calm or Clary Sage is the runner-up for most used oils before contractions get really strong and regular.  Apply to the top of the belly or inside the ankles to help the uterus make stronger contractions. Always use carrier oil because pregnant bellies can be sensitive.
  3. Any citrus- I always keep Citrus Bliss and lemon in my bag to help lift moods and settle stomachs. Citrus oils are best in a diffuser or inhaled out of the bottle or on a cotton ball. Take a few deep breaths with this one, and it will put a smile on your face! After baby is born, in postpartum, or in the nursery is when I use this one the most! It is the perfect oil for daytime.  I call it happiness in a bottle!
  4. Deep Blue Stick is a must-have for those who have cramps, aches, and pains after birth.  This one is strong and should be kept from baby’s sensitive nose.  I like to apply it on the lower back or on the bottoms of feet for a cooling and warming effect for mom or dad!
  5. DigestZen or Fennel is another favorite to help settle heartburn while increasing milk supply.  You can use both of these before labor begins and after labor.  I don’t recommend using this one while in labor because the smell is so potent.
  6. Adaptiv oil is best for those that are type A and need birth to go as planned. Adaptiv helps you go with the flow and surrender to the movement of the baby and contractions. This oil is a blend of citrus and flower with a touch of spice and somehow smells different to everyone. Apply to the pulse points and give a sniff before labor begins to see if this one will make the cut.
  7. Lastly, you can’t go wrong with Balance.  If you love trees and a more masculine smell, this oil will leave you feeling grounded and calm.  Balance is truly one oil I use daily on the bottoms of my feet to feel grounded and steady!

Here’s a link to my favorite DōTerra Birth Kit. If you have any questions at all, I would love to help! Just reach out through the contact page.

I’ve always loved mommas and babies, and especially the journey women go through to welcome their beautiful little ones into the world. As a Christian doula, former surgical technologist, energy healer, essential oil specialist, and mom to three girls, my knowledge in key areas for supportive and successful delivery experiences abounds. If you’re an expectant mother looking to learn more about my doula services, visit my services page or book a coffee chat here. I can’t wait to connect with you and support you through a sacred and special delivery experience!   

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